Hades Creations

A handmade jewelry brand that creates exclusive items and accessories for both men and women. Born in the magical island of Ibiza in 2018, its mission is to handcraft authentic pieces of art of the highest quality materials, combining tradition and old-world standards with the latest technology. These pieces include talismans and bracelets, made from precious metals, healing crystals and gemstones; that are the ideal partner for underground music festivals, such as Burning Man or Wasteland among others. Hades Creations focuses on underground lifestyle people and fashion lovers whose aim is to stand out from others.


Hades Creations was born from the hands of three craftsmen hailing from NYC, Tokyo and Milan. The tradition and expertise of these three artisans make it possible for Hades Creations to put mother nature’s magnificence and forces in each product, bringing unique items.
The aim of Hades Creations is to keep age–old traditions alive by processing each and every piece of jewel stone and precious metal in the traditional way with the utmost love and heartfelt gratitude for the bounties bestowed on us by Mother Nature.
Jewelry and accessories manufacturing

Hades Creations acknowledges the utmost gratitude for the treasures of Mother Nature as it is, for that reason each creation is unparalleled and an unmatched beauty. Each product is individually handcrafted according to the brand’s unique specifications. Impossible to find elsewhere, no two pieces are the same, each item is unique and one of a kind.


Each talisman is an exquisite piece of art, handcrafted to perfection with the utmost care and love. All the materials are inspected and selected by highly trained professionals before being individually handmade. Each piece is made from precious metals and highest quality gemstones which are obtained from all around the globe: Lapis from Afghanistan, Malachite from Central Africa, Tiger Eye from South Africa and various Jaspers from Australia, just to mention a few.
Every talisman has several properties and represents diverse powers and energies from Mother Nature. All the pieces bring physical and mental welfare to the individual, conferring several benefits, as for example, self-control, mind and body balance, strength, patience or emotional pureness.


Each bracelet is customised according to each client’s wrist size and preferences. All the pieces are unique as a result of a 100% handmade production with high-quality metals: 18K Gold, 18K Rose Gold, Sterling Silver and Black Sterling. Every piece is composed of different sections which are laser cut and soldered together, then the formed piece is immersed in acid to give a slightly destroyed finish.
The bracelets get their name from Ancient Greek deities, each of them characterised by different attributes and skills, which offers the possibility of selecting the bracelet which best fits and inspires each costumer.