Hypnos is the god associated with sleep.


He is a calm and gentle god who helps mortal humans in their time of need. As the god of sleep, he owns half of every human life. He is often depicted as a gentle young man with wings emerging from his temples or shoulders.


Hypnos Materials:

This piece is 100% handmade from plate. Sections are laser cut and soldered together to make its hollowed, three-dimensional form.

Brass substrate is electroplated with black sterling (made by oxidating sterling silver). The product is then dipped into acid to create the subtly destroyed effect.

No two products will be the same. These nuances should be seen as a characteristic of the product.

Weight: 251gr.


Diameter: 5,5cm.

Opening: 3cm.

Width: 3,1cm.

*Please note that Bracelets are handmade and have a 6-8 week production and delivery time.