Rainbow Fluorite #1

Rainbow Fluorite #1


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The Rainbow Fluorite flourishes under the pressure of chaos. When the mind is scattered with a mess of thoughts, to-do’s and general
anxieties, a Fluorite point lends you the structure you need to reorganize.

This support is what keeps your mind and spirit solid even around toxic people.

If you notice that you are feeling unordinary tired, emotionally drained or that increased negativity is leading you to snap more often than you normally would, you may have a negative influence that is affecting your personality.


Crystal Materials:

Crystal: Rainbow Fluorite
Metal: Brass electroplated with 18k gold

Weight: 91gr.


Length: 8,8cm.
Width: 2,7cm.

*Please note that Talismans are handmade and have a 6-8 week production and delivery time.